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There is a blurred line between floors and walls when gravity always  pulls you down.
By changing the orientation of your device, you change the orientation of the environment around Nu, turning the floor he's standing on into a wall. As a result he falls down because of the gravity. Help him reach the gateways by guiding him through the mazes.

■    ■    ■    ■    ■    ■    ■    ■    ■    ■    ■    ■    ■    ■    ■    ■    ■    ■    ■    ■    ■    ■    ■    ■    ■

This is a concept test, majorly on the controls of the game for now. Thus, would appreciate your feedback on the control system.

If the way control system works is tedious and "lot of work" to play the game, I would drop this game's idea overall and work on some other project.

Some of the future plans for the game :-

  • The graphics of the game would not be at all like this prototype. I just used some basic graphics right now to dish out a prototype as soon as possible to get feedback before committing full-time to it. I kind of like the visuals of Faeire Afterlight and Gris.
  • There would be many levels, reaching the gateway transfers you into
    another level with more obstacles in the mazes itself and not just simple mazes.
  • Different power ups on the way at different levels.


Always Down.apk 27 MB


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Ok, I admit. Yours is better!

Lol thanks.

But given that you made yours in 2 days is commendable.


Haha, thanks!

I think I'm still going to enhance mine and release it to the app store. It won't have the fancy tilt controls that yours has though ☺

Cool, looking forward for the release.